'I will be the void', a solo exhibition including wallpaper, sculpture and photographs, opens at Twin Kittens in Atlanta on April 18th, 7-10p.
Burnaway features the 'I will be the void' opening at Twin Kittens on their To Do List.
There is a write-up of 'I will be the void' in Atlanta's Creative Loafing.
Patrick Brennan and I collaborated on a gif for Parallelograms!
One of my photographs from 'I will be the void' is included in Personal Space, a group show at Essex Flowers in the LES.
New Mythologies: Supernatural States and Polar Exploration opens in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University on January 31st. The show features work by Scott Alario, Simen Johan, Sarah Anne Johnson, Grant Willing and myself.
Scott Alario posted some of my work on Gyroscope Prints!
Nau Gallery in Stockholm is featuring four photographs from 'I will be the void' in their project space.
My work is featured on Information fotobloggen, a Danish newspaper blog.
I was invited by Pilar Mata Dupont to participate in Laatikkomo, a project based in Jyväskylä, Finland.
Das Magazin, the weekend supplement to Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger newspaper, commissioned me to make work for the story 'Doppelte Not' in the June 27th edition.
I am off to Berkeley for a residency at the Kala Art Institute. New work to follow after!
I just finished an installation, 'Black Mountain (swarming holy light)' in the Biggin Gallery at Auburn University. You can read about it in the student newspaper, The Plainsman.
An interview with me by Aaron Nachmann on beautifulsavage.com
Four of my photographs from the 'Refraction' series are included in 'Light of Day: Photographs from the Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell' at the Transformer Station in Cleveland.
The North Carolina Museum of Art commissioned me to make work for their Park Pictures series in conjunction with the exhibition 'Still Life'. You can read about 'Svensk Still Life' here. A video of me talking about one of the billboards can be seen here.
I have a piece in the Humble Arts Foundation's '31 Women in Art Photography', curated by Jon Feinstein and Natasha Sacasa, at Hasted Kraeutler through August 20.
Work from 'Unnatural Formations' on PDN Photo of the Day
'Unnatural Formations' reviewed in the July 14+15 edition of the Wall Street Journal.
An interview about the 'In a Northern Country' series and my work in Sweden in Nordstjernan.
'Unnatural Formations' reviewed in the May 7 edition of The New Yoker.
'Unnatural Formations: Three Contemporary Photographers' is on view at the Scandinavia House until June 30th. The exhibition includes work from American-Scandinavian Foundation fellows Simen Johan, Stephen Hilyard and myself.
Thanks to the generous support of these donors, I am on my way to the Banff Centre:

Tim and Cindy McCarthy, Marcus Lease, Lars Östlund, Yael Tågerud, Pari Stave, Sheilah Gauch, Jim Hirschfield, Scott Alario, Pete Klassen-Landis, Berit Renström, Christina Van Aken, Amy Hutchenson, Jennifer McGlinchey, Jowhara AlSaud, Carolyn Janssen, Jennifer Niederhauser-Schlup, Barbara Blue, Renee Lease, Klint Ericson, Adam Lampton, Elin Berge, Cary Levine, Chris Musina, Mario Marzan, Matt Hedt, Linda Thompson, Joshua Abelow, Raymond Padron, Heather Cleary, Emily Green, Ari Tiziani, Cathy Pape, Cathy Phillips, Alison Klapthor, Stephen Hilyard, Adelia Sugarman, Robert Knight, Alyssa Barrett, Jackie Voce, Courtney Fitzpatrick, Liz Art, Beth Grabowski, Jess Dolan, Travis Donavan, Bliss Alexander-Smith, Megan McDowell, Lauren Turner, Stefanie Motta, Joe McGlinchey, Paula Tågerud Valdivia, Emily Clayton, Brian Stevens, Adam Katseff, Katherine Ignatenko, Sarah Girotti, Soledad Larraín, Megan Lease, Neill Prewitt, Hong-An Truong, Milán Kovács, Annie Claflin, Elina Backgård, Angela Smith, Brittany Ransom, Nicholas Croft, Jessye McDowell, Jim Dennison, Jake King, and Caitlin Cali.
An image included in a Murakami-inspired slide show on Photo Booth!
Humble Arts' Group Show 39.1 includes a photograph from 'Still Life'.
A post by Maria Lokke about the 'Refraction' series on Photo Booth.
Some reviews of the 'Refraction' show at Daniel Cooney Fine Art: Huffington Post, Photograph Magazine and The Examiner.
An image from the 'Refraction' series was published in the Listings section of the July 11+18 issue of The New Yoker.
Work from 'Shadows and Reflections' was featured on the Hey, Hot Shot! blog.
Some images from 'Shadows and Reflections' featured on Dossier Journal's blog. A series of photos will be published in the magazine this September.
Frames from Fiction: Beached on Photo Booth features 'Antonia'.
The Refraction series will be on view at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, opening July 7th.
Beginning June 1, I will be in Sweden for nine months photographing Culturally Modified Trees with the support of an American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship.
New Currents in Contemporary Art: MFA 2011 at the Ackland Museum of Art opens Thursday, April 14th from 6-8P.
A fundraiser for ACRE, The Rodan Scholars, opens at Rodan in Chicago 4/8, 9P.
The Refraction series was chosen by Elisabeth Biondi, Visuals Editor from the New Yorker, as one of the winners of the Conscientious Portfolio Competition. The series will be posted on the blog along with an interview.
One of my photographs will be in Atlanta Celebrates Photography as part of "Ones to Watch", a silent auction of 10 emerging photographers.
Two of my prints are available for purchase through Eye Buy Art, a Toronto-based website that offers affordable art.
I have been selected to be included in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward-Emerging Photographers 2010. The book will be launched at the Flash Forward Festival in Toronto, Canada.
Six new photographs will be featured in I Want You Magazine’s online edition and one in the print edition.
Work from the Refraction series will be published in Je Suis une Bande de Jeunes next book, Bruit de Fond.
At the end of July I'll be heading to Wisconsin for an artist residency at ACRE.
If you’re in the Boston area, I have a couple of prints from the Merged series in the 16th Griffin Museum Juried Exhibition, juried by Jörg Colberg of the Conscientious blog.